Membership & Program Information

 All skiers in the Birchwood trails are encouraged to become a member of our Club - novice and advanced, occasional and regular, recreational and competitive.

To become a member, you simply fill out a membership form and send it to the club's mailing address or drop it by the Doug Barnes Cabin. There are a number of membership options:

  • Student membership is $15/season
  • Single membership is $25/season
  • Family membership is $40/season

To register online, please follow the instructions at

Our youth programs are aimed at teaching kids how to ski in a fun environment. Youth programs cost $15 per child in addition to the above membership fees. (for example, if a family of four has two you that would like to participate in the jackrabbit program, their total membership fees would be $40/family + $15/child = $70). Our youth programs include:

  • Bunny (6yrs and under) - focus is on having fun on skis
  • Jackrabbit (ages 6 - 9) - focus is on learning ski techniques and having fun
  • Track Attack (ages 10 - 15) - teaches skiers how to train and builds on different ski techniques
  • Youth Racing - youth athletes train and participate in competitive ski events throughout Alberta

Youth program forms can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. You can find more information about each youth program by clicking on the tab under 'Programs'.

The Adult program is available to all adult members of the club at no additional cost. Events include adult lessons every Saturday at 2pm. These lessons are aimed at both new and experienced skiers. There are also group skis every Wednesday evening at 7pm.

All members are welcome to participate in club events including family skis, evening skis, loppets and back-country trips.